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Often, I sit down to write but have no ideas. Usually by the time I have a couple words down an idea begins to flow.

I'm reminded that it not only doesn't have to be perfect, but it also doesn't have to be earth-shattering.

It only needs to be consistent.

My journaling (and anything that’s worth doing), I only want to do it consistently.

Consistent doesn’t mean that I do it every day for the rest of my life. Depending on the action, I may decide on consistency for just one week. I may choose a month for a particular workout routine and then reevaluate its value to me.

When I attempt something I know will be difficult for me, I’ll design my initial consistency for just three days and see how it works for me.

Because I had a good streak of daily writing practice, my intention was to keep it up for six months. I will likely re-up for another six months at that point, but I can reevaluate it then but feel confident for now that it’s an intention I can fulfill.

Consistency yields more than effort does

Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron didn't have to hit home runs every up-at-but. They just kept batting to slowly become home-run kings.

Hemingway and Dickens didn't turn out works of art every time they put pen to paper. They only wrote. A lot.

Consistency is my word today. Consistency in writing, praying, reading, and other things that will have impact on me. And on others.

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